Spotlight Corner

Interview with Mrs. Shannon, a teacher, mentor, and a friend.
By: Caroline (8th), Alex (8th), and Maura (8th)

You might know Mrs. Shannon as the person who runs after school, the talented person who leads the Christmas show every year, the 8th grade teacher, or maybe even the person who changed our dresscode to finally being able to wear sneakers. A few days ago, we interviewed her and dug up many facts that you all might find interesting. Here’s what she had to share:

Our beloved and national treasured Mrs. Shannon has been at HTS for over 30 years, but how did she get there; and how did she become the amazing educator, friend, and person that she is today? Her first real job was as a waitress. She noted that having a job at a young age allowed her to understand money management and responsibility. The fast-paced job allowed her to be quick on her feet and ready for anything. Lastly, being a waitress allowed her to understand the complicated world of numbers, helping her to become the stupendous math teacher that she is today. Although her job as a waitress filled her with much more knowledge than just being a waitress, Mrs. Shannon also had many other achievements as a young woman. One of these achievements was a tremendous feat: she climbed Mt. Cook, in New Zealand and took to the road at only the age of 11! She was a fierce driver.

After a youth filled with wonderful experiences, opportunities, and lessons, Mrs. Shannon went on to college at South Dakota State University. She majored in theater, and enjoyed it tremendously, and learned many a thing. She soon after came to Washington, DC to become an actress. However, this plan swerved as she found her love and devotion to kids and her passion for educating. This led her to being a beloved and cherished teacher at HTS for over INSERT YEARS. We now point to all of the photos in the cafeteria and say “That’s Mrs. Shannon!”. Her favorite HTS tradition is the buddy system, but come on, can you blame her? She enjoys spending the day with cute kids, and she is overcome with joy when she hears the sound of happy students. It’s moments like these that she is grateful for becoming a teacher, and if you want to make her even happier, ask about her embroidery hobby!

Mrs. Shannon looks up to MLK for making a difference without violence. This is something everyone at HTS teaches, and something we can all do. A quote Mrs. Shannon loves, and something we can all agree on, is “Life is good!” She loves that quote but does not enjoy the word “very” being used, so if you see her in the halls, think twice before using it. She looks forward every year to the end of the Christmas show when the whole school gathers together and sings “My God Lay There.” A moment we all enjoy, and a classic and timeless tradition. For a good simple read, Mrs. Shannon recommends “The Tale of 2 Cities.”

We appreciate everything Mrs. Shannon has done for our school, and all she has contributed. Thank you, Mrs. Shannon for allowing us to interview you.