By Carolina P. and Julia W.

October 13, 2016

This year in PE class we will be playing a variety of sports and each unit we will be on a team. Each unit will be a different sport and each sport has its own drills and skills that the team captains will teach their team. When there are activities or scrimmages  that your team does well on, you get points. There have been many questions about why the gym teachers are doing this, so here is an interview with Mr. Hayes and Ms. Toohey:

Why did you choose to make PE different this year?

    1. Hayes:  “We chose to make PE different this year because last year was good but we could make it better. We are always looking for ways to improve.”
    2. Toohey: “We changed it to keep kids engaged and so they could try something different. Also for those who aren’t skilled/ don’t know about the sport have a chance to learn.”

How will teams in each unit help students in PE?

    1. Hayes: “Teams are all about working together because it is important.”
    2. Toohey: “They will help because they are a chance to help and learn from each other. They also teach students how to interact with each other in a good way. Being able to interact with each other is not only good for PE, but it will also improve academic group projects.”

Will the winners of each unit get any prize?

    1. Hayes: “Pat on the back and pride because that builds up confidence.”
    2. Toohey: “We are currently deciding. We have had long talks about it. We want to encourage people to work hard by having a prize, but at the same time we want to teach students that not everything is rewarded so we don’t know yet.”

How did you form the teams?

    1. Hayes: “Ms. Toohey, Ms. Bradley, and I thought about teams that would be fair yet competitive at the same time.”
    2. Toohey: “It was pretty random. We made sure there was an even mix of boys and girls and different skill levels on each team.”

Why Dynamic Stretches?

    1. Hayes: “ Dynamic stretches are normal stretches. They make you balance and stretch better. They also make you lite on your feet which makes you better athletes. Also pro teams do this.”
    2. Toohey: “They help you move better. It is scientifically proven that it can get your muscles stretched in a shorter amount of time.”

How do you think having teams can relate to our Jesuit beliefs?

    1. Hayes: “Person for others, you know, working as a team. If you’re just selfish, then you won’t be able to do well.”
    2. Toohey: “Men and Women for others. Teams make sure students are always there for each other. By having a team, students need to help each other and learn to interact with winning or losing teams. It also shows Cura Personalis (care for the whole person) because kids learn how other kids play the sport/learn.”


Student Spotlight

By: Lili G.

Mackenzie’s act of kindness will forever be remembered in the eyes of a little girl at St. Martin’s School. On September 11, 2016, CYO held the first cross country meet of the season. When the gun fired across the Visitation field, the eight and under girls set off to run their one mile race. When Mackenzie saw a little girl struggling, she immediately rushed to her side, took her hand, and encouraged her to try her best to keep going. Mackenzie didn’t care about where this girl came from, maybe she only saw a little girl that needed some help.

Mackenzie continued to walk with her until they had made it through the finish line. Then, she quickly thanked Mackenzie gave her a hug and left to tell her friends, coaches, and family about what had happened. Later that week, Mr. Hennessy received an email from the principal of the other school, thanking Mackenzie for being so kind and helpful. Holy Trinity Student Council board would like to thank Mackenzie for exemplifying what it truly means to be a person for others.