Sports Corner

Cross Country Titans are Running Through COVID Setbacks.
By: Caitlin (8th) and Chase (8th)

With the 2021-2022 school year just starting up, the first of the athletics has begun. Cross Country is one of the most popular sports that HTS offers for all ages and genders. Students meet two times every week, running on the Canal, the Georgetown Waterfront, and more! In practice, experienced runners run about 4-5 miles whereas beginners and intermediate runners run between 1-3 miles. On the weekends, runners wake early to participate in meets with other local Catholic schools. According to Teddy (8th), a cross country runner, the competition is usually quite fierce. Around 250 kids between the ages of 8-14 participate. The main race that students run in is 2 miles, which takes each student about 15-20 minutes to complete.

The meets last all day on Sundays, but not all the time is spent running. Most of the time is spent cheering on your team… the next day your legs and voice will be tired! The first meet was on September 14th, and the meets continued all throughout the fall. However, this fall, COVID-19 has created a barrier that you can’t run around: masking. Cross country is one of the only in-person activities Holy Trinity is organizing. However, thanks to Cross Country being in the great outdoors, regulations are a bit more flexible, but still, all runners must wear masks before and after the race.

In the Championships on October 24th, the Girls U11 team finished in 1st place, and the U11 Boys and U11 Girls both finished in 4th, barely missing a trophy. Good work to all Titans involved!