Monday, February 13, 2017

By: Lili G. 

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I LOVE Valentine’s Day. The chocolate, candy, and class celebrations are always so much fun, but you can never forget to make a card. Whether you make it out of colored paper, markers, or anything else, a homemade card is always a great gift. Here are 2 great Valentine’s cards and some instructions on how to make them.

  1. Together We Can Rule The Galaxy!!!

this super awesome card is a simple and easy gift to give to your friends! Heres how you make it…

Step ONE

-Gather your materials.

For this project you will need…

-Index cards

-colored pencils or markers

-glow sticks



Step TWO:

-Start to draw on your index cards.

Here’s a picture of what it should look like…



-Tape a Glow Stick to the hand of your favorite character!!!

There is an image below to explain even more!!!


2. Homemade Cards!!!

You can never go wrong with a good homemade card. Just grab some pink or red paper and you’ll be great!


Friday, January 27th, 2017

By: Olivia M.

Catholic Schools Week is a week where we celebrate being a catholic school. We celebrate with honoring something every day.  

1.) Monday- Academic Day

Students who go to 9am liturgy at Holy Trinity on Sunday get to wear free dress on Monday

2.) Tuesday- Community Day

Service Assembly & Tag Day

3.) Wednesday- Parents’ Day

We have a 9:45am mass, where parents are encouraged to join!

4.) Thursdays- Teachers’ Day

Dress like a Teacher Day 


Here is an example of two students dressing like Mrs. Micallef last year!

5.) Friday- Students’ Day

Students don’t have any homework Thursday night, in preparation for Students’ Day celebrations on Friday.

The free dress theme for this year is “Fandom”, which means that you should dress according to whatever you’re a fan of! Do you love the Redskins? Wear a jersey! Do you love Taylor Swift? Wear a concert t-shirt! Get creative.

The most important thing to remember each day of Catholic Schools Week (and every day of the year) is that we are a Catholic school and we are people for others.


 Tuesday, November 8, 2016

By: Julia W.

The ball in a cup game has been very popular in fifth grade. This game typically has a wooden handle, with a small ball attached to a string and one cup, in which the player tries to catch the ball. Different versions of this game are played all over the world.

There are three various versions of the same game in the 5.2 homeroom.  Liam M. and Cash B. are two fifth graders in 5-2 that are particularly infatuated with the game. They are also good friends and this game highlights their friendly competitive nature. To date, Liam’s record is getting the ball in a cup 108 times in a row and Cash’s record is 64 times in a row. Those records are from the medium sized game.

Another student in 5.2, Nahor S., combined his creative skills and knowledge of this popular game during Tinker Time, and he created his own game out of classroom supplies. Students and teachers alike were impressed by his inventive skills. Of course, it has the simple part about the ball and the cup part, but he decided to make it even more fun by adding another fun twist to his version. He added a little bowl shaped contraption at the end of the handle, so you can try to land the ball in it too.  


Pumpkin Carving Ideas

October 27, 2016

By: Olivia M.

Halloween is coming up and one of the oldest traditions is to make Jack-o-lanterns. Here are some ideas of pumpkins faces you can make. Enjoy!

  1. One cool idea is to carve your name or a monogram onto your pumpkin.


2. Another neat idea is to carve a word onto your pumpkin and make a design of that word.


The picture of this “Haunted House” pumpkin was taken on N Street.                

3. There are also silly pumpkin designs like this one:


4. In addition, there are scarier options like this one: (it is Halloween, after all)


5. Lastly, there are options that relate to popular topics, like Pokemon!



October 17, 2016

Congratulations Ali on designing the winning t-shirt design for our 2016 spirit t-shirt!

Thank you to all who participated. We were overwhelmed with the number of creative entries.


Student Council School Store


By: Maggie G. and Lulu C.

October 13, 2016

The student council school store is open!!!

Every Wednesday morning before school, recess and lunch, Upper School students will be able to come buy supplies for as little as 50¢!😁 (Lower School, keep an ear out! We will soon be selling to you too.)

✐ You can buy this super cool color changing pencil for just 50¢! It features the Holy Trinity logo, and the Holy Trinity name on the pencil.

Also, you have your beautiful yellow eraser SHAPED LIKE A PENCIL!!! Now, this is special because you can sharpen it  with a hand sharpener!

Finally, you have a lovely blue eraser with the Holy Trinity Logo and the name on the top.


Then there is a beautiful blue and white pen. This pen is fun size, which makes writing in cursive a breeze. This also has the Holy Trinity name on it.


Thoroughly Modern Millie

Oct 3, 2016



By: Olivia Maguire

Musical Theatre is up and rolling. Each year Holy Trinity School puts on a spring musical. This year we will be presenting Thoroughly Modern Millie. Thoroughly Modern Millie is about a woman named Millie who moves to New York. While in New York, she realizes something odd is happening. When her friend disappears, she has to help figure out what happened to her.

The production will be directed by Mrs. Tober and Mrs. Ramsey. Musical theatre members are in 4th grade through 8th grade. The Holy Trinity School debut of Thoroughly Modern Millie will be this upcoming spring.

Titan Tips

By: Ali G.

  1. On an extra sheet of paper, in a notepad, or on a dry-erase board, plan out a homework schedule for yourself before you start your homework each day or even at the beginning of the week.  Organize this schedule depending on things like what is due soonest and how long each assignment will take.  You can also add after-school activities.  This will help you stay organized while doing your homework and keep you from being stressed.  This is also a great way to make sure that you turn in all of your homework on time.
  2. Clean out your binder at the end of each month or quarter.  Get rid of all those tests and old homework assignments that are stacked up in your folders.  Also, get rid of pens, pencils, erasers and other things in your pencil case that you don’t or can’t use.  This will help you not to lose anything and keep your pencil case a reasonable size.
  3. Figure out who has all the same classes as you.  You might have already thought this one through but if you are having a off-day and spaced on a couple things you might want to know who can refresh your memory.  Also, you and this friend can work together to remember what homework you have.  Just as long as you don’t rely on this person for everything, then I’m sure that they will be happy to help you.