School Leadership Corner

This year the Jesuits are celebrating their 500th anniversary. Chappy (8th) talked with our Pastor, Fr. C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J. and this is what he learned. 

Firstly, Fr. Gillespie is a big baseball fan. He and Chappy enjoyed some playful banter. Fr. Gillespie is a Phillies fan and Chappy is a Nationals fan. Fr. Gillespie has loved the game since he was in the first grade, and he has always loved watching and playing Second Base.

Secondly, Fr. Gillespie loves to cook, especially with the food that he grows himself. If you look in the parish garden you will see eggplants as well as other various herbs. With the eggplant he loves to make eggplant parmesan.  

Thirdly, Fr. Kevin was called to be a priest in 8th grade, however, he did not enter the priesthood until he was 24. 

Lastly, Chappy asked him some random questions. When asked the hardest part of being a priest, Fr. Gillespie said it was not having a spouse or children. Although he does have a big family, he sees the parish as his family. Additionally, when asked if Fr. Gillespie could ask God one question: what would it be? He replied “Why is there suffering in the world? Why do people die?” 

Chappy enjoyed his interview with Fr. Gillespie immensely, and we hope that you enjoyed learning more about our beloved pastor.