Two Perspectives on Catholic Schools Week

By: Parker M.

Catholic Schools Week does not celebrate our differences, but instead celebrates the one thing we have in common: we are all Catholic!

Catholic Schools Week shows our Jesuit Identity because it shows we are Catholic.  Showing that we are Catholic is important because it shows God that we believe in our faith. Expressing our belief in God is the most important thing about Catholics Schools Week.

The main reason we have Catholic Schools Week is to have fun in the presence of God.  God loves every one of us as individuals. Catholics Schools Week is important in many ways. Each way is like a puzzle piece, so when you put them altogether you get an awesome puzzle, that is Catholics Schools Week.

By: Abby L.

During Catholic schools week we get to have free dress, dress like a teacher, and get to wear pajamas. But why do we celebrate it? It’s a question that I’ve been pondering for a while, so I did my research and found the answer. It started way back in 1974. It was created to celebrate who we are as a Catholic school. All across the nation kids just like you celebrate all of the activities that we do. Well they might be a little different, but everywhere people celebrate being Catholic. It’s a celebration of knowing that we are a school for God. It’s to recognize the importance, the value, and the contribution of Catholicism.

It’s important that we celebrate who we are and our identity as Catholics. The definition of catholic is “including a wide variety of things; all-embracing,” which means that we include everyone, no matter who they are. Everyone is special and we should love and respect everyone’s identity.That is why we made our identity posters. That is what Catholic Schools Week is all about, celebrating all of our identities. Your identity is who you are. No matter who you are, you have an identity that makes you amazing and totally original. So yeah, Catholic Schools Week is awesome but not just because of the free dress.


Identity Posters

By: Will P.

This week The Holy Post will be discussing the identity poster, a project that all students in the upper school and lower school are doing. The identity poster is an activity where students express characteristics of their identity on a paper or poster. These identity posters will be hung in hallways and classrooms throughout the upper and lower schools. The staff of HTS have also created posters, which include traits like race, ethnicity, family life, political opinions, etc.

The purpose of the identity poster is to express personal characteristics, make connections and celebrate our differences. Connections between posters can help strengthen relationships and start new ones. Being able to relate to somebody on a personal level can help us get past differences. Acknowledging and celebrating our differences is also important. Being able to see that people are different from each other can help us work together on projects and in the classroom. The way that people think about us and the way that we think about ourselves is something that we need to examine. If people don’t see us the way that we see ourselves, then it’s hard for us to be ourselves.

The identity poster has been one of my favorite projects this year. It wasn’t graded, which gave me the freedom to be creative. Overall, I had a great time with it. I would strongly recommend doing this project with a family member. For example, I did this project with my father, and we had a great time. Thank you and I hope that you enjoyed this write-up for The Holy Post.

Imagining the Nativity

This Advent-Christmas season, third grade is practicing Ignatian contemplation in class. St. Iganatius encouraged his followers to contemplate scenes from Scripture as a way to engage both the mind and heart in prayer. Using their imaginations, third graders placed themselves in the Nativity scene and wrote the reflections below. As the Advent-Christmas season draws to a close with the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, we invite you to join our students in your own prayerful meditation on the Nativity and the fulfillment of the promise of Christ’s birth.

“I am the ox, and I am present at the birth of Jesus. I see the Lord of all the people talking and the angels singing. I hear praises of joy and Mary and Joseph adoring the baby Jesus. I smell the incense from the candles and the hay in the manger. I feel the hay on my hoofs and lots of strong love.” -Jack

“I am a shepherd, and I am present at the birth of Jesus. I see Mary holding Jesus. I see some strange men. They are carrying gifts. I hear Jesus cooing and Mary softly humming to Jesus. I smell the air. It smells sweet and soft. I feel warm, calm, safe, and at peace.” -Lucia

“I am Mary, and I am present at the birth of Jesus. I see Joseph holding Jesus, and the animals are asleep. The wise men are walking in. I hear the soft rustle of the wind. I smell myrrh. I feel joy and the Holy Spirit” -Chloe

“Hi, I’m the angel. I’m also at the birth of Jesus. I see others watching the birth of Jesus. They look happy to see the Savior! I hear the baby crying and people are singing Amen! I smell animals that live there, like an ox. I also smell lovely spices. The birth of Jesus is exciting.” -Riley

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What is La Silla Roja?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

By: Lili G.


La Silla Roja, also known as Fe y Alegría, is an organization that teaches undereducated children throughout the world. Best known for its red chair, the program raises awareness for people who would otherwise not be able to have access to a good education. This year, as you may have seen in Ms. Green’s 7th grade room, Holy Trinity added to the program. We painted our own chair red to help with the cause. You may also have heard that some other schools in the area, such as Gonzaga, are helping out.

In the video below, and as I mentioned before, this program is mostly seen through its red chairs. This chairs symbolize the millions of children who do not have the opportunity to have a good education like Holy Trinity, and many other, students have. So the next time you walk by a red chair or are in school, take a moment to consider how blessed you are to be getting a good education.

Below is a video to learn more about the cause:

The Cheikho Family


Friday, March 24, 2017

By: Catherine P.

At 11:30 PM on a Thursday night a month and a half ago, the Cheikho family arrived at Dulles International Airport. What could they have been thinking at that moment when the wheels touched down on the ground? Imagine preparing to leave a country where war was commonplace, and then learning that you were being banned from one of the only safe places you could go to.  How would you feel? Scared? Excluded? Sad? Apprehensive? Outraged? Nervous? Terrified?  One can only imagine what they were feeling as they finally entered the United States.  The Cheikho’s may have been wondering if people would accept them or not, whether they would finally be safe.

It is up to us to make them feel wanted and welcome; to make them feel like they have a place here in America.   Please continue to pray for the Cheikho’s because coming to a foreign land, learning a new language and adapting to a different culture is not easy. The Holy Trinity community came together, with particular help from four parishoners, and helped find a house for the Cheiko family. These four parishioners greeted the Cheikho family when they arrived. During Lent especially, let us keep them in our prayers, because they deserve all the love and care that we have to give them.


McKenna Sandwiches

Thursday, March 9, 2017

By: Cami B.

There are 11, 623 homeless people in Washington, D.C right now.  We can feed a good amount of them if we each bring in a McKenna sandwich each Wednesday morning. McKenna sandwiches have helped so many people and it’s important to remember the actual differences that these sandwiches make. They don’t just affect the people who they feed; McKenna sandwiches affect the people who make them.

When you make a McKenna sandwich, you’re helping your community. You are helping another human being by giving them a sandwich. It’s amazing that a single sandwich can make a huge difference. For a lot of students, McKenna sandwiches are a weekly service. However, there are still some weeks where there aren’t as many sandwiches made. That’s ok, but it’s important to remember to try to make at least one. It takes five minutes, maybe less.

Holy Trinity’s McKenna sandwich tradition has been going on for years. We need to keep making them and giving to the community. When you make a McKenna sandwich, you’re making food for someone who really needs it. When we don’t make a sandwich, that’s one less person who gets fed. There should be no person left unfed. 


Here is an image of fifth graders constructing McKenna sandwiches.

2017 Lenten Environmental Calendar

Thursday, March 2, 2017

This Lenten Season, Holy Trinity students will focus on little, everyday things that we can do to help our environment.

March 2017: Lenten Environment Focus
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Ash Wednesday
Give up bottled water for Lent…and then forever?

Bring and use a reusable water bottle to school.

Turn off lights in classrooms before leaving.


Don’t turn up the heat, put on a sweater – it’s almost Spring!


Take the EPA Pledge to reduce your carbon footprint:
Global Climate Change Pledge


Recycle properly – paper is always recycled

Recycle properly – glass is always recycled (but rinse first).
Recycle properly – aluminum or cans are always recycled (but rinse first.)
Go on a litter patrol of your classroom, hallway or street around school.

Unplug chargers when you aren’t using them-they actually use energy!


Go on a litter patrol of your house, yard or street.


When buying fruit and vegetables, try picking ones that are grown nearby so trucks and planes don’t work overtime to get them to us. Or, visit a local farmer’s market!


Re-use paper by turning it over and printing on the other side!


Don’t waste paper at school. Take only what you absolutely need.


Most plastic can be recycled, but rinse first.


Time yourself and take a 5 minute shower this morning or tonight.


Ask your mom and dad if you can carpool home with someone to save gas!


Buy less new stuff and re-use things you own that still have some life in them.


Create a compost indoors with a 3×3’ plastic bin!


Only take food you will eat. Watch what you are throwing away.


Bring lunch in reusable containers.


To school or home, remind your parents or carpool driver not to idle (sit w/engine on), it causes asthma!


When you wash dishes, put some soap in a bowl with water instead of running the faucet.


When you brush your teeth, don’t let the water run.


When doing yard work, rake leaves, don’t blow them. Blowing leaves makes allergies and asthma much worse.


Get out and appreciate a local park and pick up trash that you see.


“Upcycle” (convert) a paper towel roll into a kaleidoscope!


Instead of throwing away a cup of water, put it in your pet’s bowl or water a plant.


Turn off the TV or video games when not in use.


When visiting parks, try to “leave no trace” meaning don’t leave anything there that you brought.


If you’re going to a baseball game, take metro instead of driving!

April 2017
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Enjoy a weekend outside and plant some flowers!


If you have a backyard, try not to mow grass too much or use a hand mower. Water less often and only in the morning.


When spring cleaning, use a broom to sweep your walk, not the hose.


Eat leftovers for dinner! (or ask your mom/ dad to pack you leftovers for lunch)


Collect plastic bags to recycle at the grocery store.


As bees start to reappear, please don’t hurt these pollinators – they make our food grow.  


Replace old light bulbs with energy saving CFL or LED bulbs.


Go get ice cream with your family…and bike or walk there together!


For Spring break, try a National Park. You can explore nature & experience history with your family. See why they’re called “America’s Best Idea”!


As it gets warm, open windows instead of  AC.  Enjoy the breeze!


Reuse a snack bag that wasn’t holding a messy food.


Roll down car windows instead of turning on the air conditioner.


If you gave up red meat for Lent, give it up for good to reduce methane? It’s 3x as powerful a planet heater as CO2.

Good Friday
Easter Sunday
How will we continue to take better care of our world?
18 19 20 21 22