Changing Lives this Lent

By: 2nd Grade

This Lent, second grade is putting their faith in action by leading Holy Trinity’s Catholic Relief Service (CRS) Rice Bowl initiative. CRS uses the funds it raises to meet the needs of vulnerable populations overseas. However, the Rice Bowl program does more than alleviate hunger and poverty. It also forms a global community, encouraging us to stand with our brothers and sisters in prayer and fasting. Through this program and others at our school, students learn to be persons for others in a global community. As you read students’ reflections below, consider making a donation and joining our students in their commitment to create a more just and loving society.

2nd Grade CRS Rice Bowl Reflections

Maren T: The rice bowl is a tool we use at HTS to help poor and homeless. We put money in the rice bowl to donate to the poor and homeless in different countries. When we donate to different countries, we help people little by little.

Jack C: What is the rice bowl? The rice bowl is a little bowl that you put money in during the course of Lent. The donations from the rice bowl goes to the CRS (Catholic Relief Services’). Once the CRS gets the donations, they use it to help poor countries and bring clean water to poor communities.

Maggie B: When I make a donation to the rice bowl I feel good because I am helping the poor. My donations help poor countries get clean water, the donations help small businesses too! The rice bowl is a cardboard bowl that you put money in for the poor.

Sela D: CRS rice bowl is a company that helps people that are poor. It helps people get clean water and seeds for crops. It also helps small businesses. It makes you feel happy because you are helping people in need. Even a dollar a day can help a family. If you put one dollar every day during Lent, you can help a whole town.

Sofia: I feel happy when I donate to the CRS rice bowl because the homeless get clean water, food, and shelter. Donations help people because the homeless stay safe and healthy.

School Rules for 2016-2017

By: Regan M.

Every school year, two delegates from each class come to the Rules Convention. Together, representatives from the entire school decide upon new school rules. The school-wide rules this year are: Try your best and let God do the rest; Treat others the way you want to be treated; and care for the world around us.

Trying your best is one of the many things you can do to help you succeed.  It is a great motto to live your everyday life by. Letting God doing the rest is important too. You can do this in many different ways. First, try your best and do not mind anyone else; focus on yourself. Also, be faithful in God and in yourself.  

Treat others the way you to be treated. Everyone should be kind to each other because we all want to be treated with kindness. Sometimes people forget that everyone has feelings. If you ever forget this rule and make a mistake, just remember to apologize. Having empathy is an important element to this school rule.

Care for the world around us. Caring for the world can help a lot people. Firstly, pollution is a big problem in the world right now. Everyone has to do their part on helping the amazing Earth. This means do not litter. Littering can be dangerous to the other animals around us. Also, this rule is meant to make us think twice before throwing away an old worksheet, instead of recycling it. Not only do we need to care for the larger world around us, but it’s important to think about our smaller world that we live in day-to-day, like our homes and classroom.

The school wide rules help us live our everyday lives with purpose. At the very least, we should think twice and make more of an effort on these three particular topics. Every living thing is important in our world, and the school rules are there to remind us try our best to treat everyone and everything in our world with love and respect.