House Becraft

Anne Marie Becraft

Written by Robby DeFrancesco

Becraft house is all about learning, growing, and most importantly persevering together. In Becraft, we do not give up. Perseverance runs deep in Becraft. As members of Becraft we want to inspire our peers as well as the staff and teachers.

Personally my favorite part of Becraft is the fact that we support each other so much. Nobody in the house is alone, because ultimately we can’t accomplish our goals alone. One of Becraft’s most elusive goals is to win the house cup this year (spoiler alert, we did it!).

We look for inspiration from our elders, especially our founder, Anne Marie Becraft. She inspires us with her determination and her fighting spirit. Becraft’s perseverance through racism and sexism in America, helps us to see our own problems and push through. Her memory helps us to keep trying.