House Romero

Written by Daisy Overmyer


Being a part of the Romero house is great. (Especially because we are currently in first place.) My house founder, Oscar Romero, inspires me because he lived in a country of violence and injustice and tried to stop it. He grew up in El Salvador, living in a small home, with a big family, and sleeping on the floor. While this was happening, he demanded peace and raised awareness about the amount of people that had died or “disappeared”. Before he died, he saw the past weeks previous death toll and said to the policemen, “I beg you, I implore you, I order you… in the name of God, stop the repression!” Then the next day, while he was saying Mass, Oscar Romero was shot dead by a paid assassin. That is why Oscar Romero inspires me. I hope people will know who our founder is and how he, (Oscar Romero) showed Justice throughout his life. Romero’s house trait is justice. I think that that is the best trait out of all of the other houses because justice is fairness and righteousness which is a very important thing to show around school, around your family members, around work, in public, and you should really show it wherever you go. Anyone can display justice. You can do it at school by sticking up for your friend, or tell a teacher that you cheated on a test if you did but didn’t want to tell anyone. In your own home you can stick up for your younger sibling when your older sibling is being unfair or you can help your mom for your other sibling with the dishes. You can show it at work by helping your colleague when they need help or with someone who is new to the job. On the street, if you see a homeless person, you should stop by, and give a friendly greeting to them. There are many different ways to show justice on many different occasions and at many different places too. The house system is a really fun upgrade to my eighth grade year and I love how we can earn points along with it. I have seen that the points system has really encouraged students to be kinder in the classroom and hallways eager to earn points. It’s fun to have competitions in class for house points and to see who wins in the end. (Except when the person that is given points is in a different house.) My favorite thing about the house system is the competitions that we play against each other. We have played a whole school dodge ball game, had fundraising competitions, and, of course, the house point system. I am really looking forward to Romero day which is on March twenty fourth. We have some fun things planned and are excited to share them with the school.