Past Present and Future of the House System

Written by Jacob Oh, Eamon Randall and Olivia Tirol

Last week, Eamon Randall, Jacob Oh and Olivia Tirol interviewed Mr. Devlin and Mr. Rosenberger about the house system. We chose to interview the two of them because they were the two teachers who started the house system at Holy Trinity. Our house system is made up of 6 houses: Xavier House, Day House, Juana House, Romero House, Arrupe House and Becraft House. The house system breaks students and teachers up into 6 competing groups, but we still think and act as one. We found this interview to be very interesting and we learned a lot about out house system. 

First, Eamon interviewed the teachers about why they started the house system. I wanted to know if they researched house systems at other schools. It turns out, they looked at the Ron Clark Academy in Georgia and other schools with house systems, to see how others do it. Some teachers have gone to Ron Clark Academy to see their school and they thought it was a really active school with a good sense of community. Mr. Devlin and Mr. Rosenberger thought that the competition would also be fun, so they wanted to bring it to Holy Trinity. I also asked them how they chose the house names. Each house is named after a famous Catholic or Jesuit person. They thought that the house founders would be good role models for us. 

Next, Jacob interviewed Mr. Devlin and Mr. Rosenberger about how to share our house pride with people outside of HTS. They had lots of ideas. Mr. Devlin suggested wearing our house shirts and taking pictures of ourselves doing our activities outside of school. We can send the pictures to our house captain. He also thought we could watch fun videos of our house mascots when we have free time. Mr. Rosenberger says we should try to live out our house traits over breaks and everyday, have house get togethers and plan out service projects or other events for the rest of the year.  Both teachers thought that we should tell our families about the house system. We can explain the house system to them and describe our strategies for taking down the other houses!

Finally, Olivia wanted to find out more about Mr. Devlin’s and Mr. Rosenberger’s vision for the future of the house system. I wanted to know if they saw any problem with rewarding students for kind things that they should be doing anyway, without expecting a reward. Mr. Devlin said that at first students may do kind things only to earn points, but eventually we will start to do kind things because that is who we are becoming. Mr. Rosenberger hopes that the points will make students think more about their decisions and that they will focus on how good it feels to do the right thing, not just on the points. Both teachers also hope that students are being competitive, but also respectful of their opponents. They think that we need positive competition, just like in sports, to bring out the best in us. Their vision for the future is that we continue to celebrate each house, represent our houses, become more ambitious with service projects, open more options for house themed clothes and build student leadership.

So there you have it, the entire vision for the house system. Past, present and hopes for the future, all thanks to Mr. Devlin and Mr. Rosenberger.