House Xavier


Thoughts on House Xavier by Thomas Szymkowicz

Our house founder is St. Francis Xavier. St Francis was a friend of St. Ignatius, who started the Jesuits. He was one of the very first Jesuits and his life inspires me to look for God in new ways. St. Francis was very courageous to join the Jesuits and to be a missionary. He traveled all over the world and needed to have courage when meeting new people or taking on new tasks. Because of this, courage is our house trait. I hope that everyone knows that we are courageous, people for others.  Out house mascot is also related to our trait. Our house mascot is a Lion. Lions are a good fit for us because they are the kings of the jungle and a king needs to have a lot of courage.

Students, staff, and parents at Holy Trinity can show courage by stepping up to the plate and doing the things that they are afraid to do. You will never regret being brave and powering through, but you might regret backing down and being afraid. For example, if you are really scared to give an oral presentation, you should just commit to doing it rather than trying to avoid it. If you are courageous and just do it, you will get a better grade than if you don’t.

So far I have really enjoyed the games that we have played as a whole school, especially the dodge ball game. It it fun when all of the houses are together. I think that when we are all together we get a lot of different ideas from people in other houses. I am looking forward to the last day of school to see what kind of celebration we have for the winning house. I think that day should be mostly fun, with not a lot of school work and we should really focus on the winning house.