Catholic Schools Week

Friday, January 27th, 2017

By: Olivia M.


Catholic Schools Week is a week where we celebrate being a catholic school. We celebrate with honoring something every day.  

1.) Monday- Academic Day

Students who go to 9am liturgy at Holy Trinity on Sunday get to wear free dress on Monday

2.) Tuesday- Community Day

Service Assembly & Tag Day

3.) Wednesday- Parents’ Day

We have a 9:45am mass, where parents are encouraged to join!

4.) Thursdays- Teachers’ Day

Dress like a Teacher Day 


Here is an example of two students dressing like Mrs. Micallef last year!

5.) Friday- Students’ Day

Students don’t have any homework Thursday night, in preparation for Students’ Day celebrations on Friday.

The free dress theme for this year is “Fandom”, which means that you should dress according to whatever you’re a fan of! Do you love the Redskins? Wear a jersey! Do you love Taylor Swift? Wear a concert t-shirt! Get creative.

The most important thing to remember each day of Catholic Schools Week (and every day of the year) is that we are a Catholic school and we are people for others.

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