Halloween Short Story Contest Winners

October 31, 2016

Congratulations to Holy Trinity’s 2016 Halloween short story contest winners! 

Best Overall:

Lower School Winner: Madison G. 



Upper School Winner: Catherine P. 

To The Other Side

           A girl woke up in a strange cave not like any other. She couldn’t remember who she was, where she was, or her own name. She could only remember one word, or was it a name: Salem. She suddenly felt something beyond fear and hatred when she thought about the name, it was much more than that; it was loathing. She despised this person, whoever they were. She just couldn’t remember why. Frustrated with herself, she got up, looked around her, and gasped in wonder. After all, this was no ordinary cave. The rocks glittered and cast a beautiful shadow all over the cave. The stalagmites and stalactites were crystals, and they seemed to hold light itself within. The girl was astonished, and began to walk further into the cave. The whole thing reflected her image in different colors and dimensions, as if seeing her on different levels of reality. Then, something in the far corner of the cave caught the girl’s eye. It was mirror-like, except there was something different about it, colder, more dangerous, and alive. However, the girl didn’t notice. She walked toward it, stumbling blindly as if in a trance. She reached out to it, and for a few moments only felt the cold, smooth touch of the glass. Then, it began to warm up. The girl tried to pull away, but found that her hand was stuck to the glass. Her reflection suddenly began to breathe, and looked up at her on its own. It smiled at her, a cold, eerie smile. She tried to scream, but found that her voice was locked in her throat. The reflection started to flicker, from the girl’s own to something she couldn’t quite see. Then the flickering stopped. Before the girl stood a rigid, towering figure. Its clothing was torn to shreds, and it had no hair. Its long, spindly fingers were clawlike and sharp, its eye sockets were empty and lifeless, and it had long, sharp, carnivorous fangs. Its face was still frozen in the creepy smile of the mirror, not much of a mirror anymore. A thin layer of reality, separating the creature’s world from her own. Then, the thing started to come toward her. This time the girl did scream, but it was cut off because the monster in the mirror reached out to her, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her right through to the other side.

The End


Lower School Winner: Mattie K. 



Upper School Winner: Meredith J. 

Lights Out

There once was a little girl named Darwin. Drawin was 12 years old. One day Darwin died just out of nowhere, everybody thought it was food poisoning, but for now it’s a mystery. Darwin died October 19 1968. One day darwin’s parents heard a noise, sort of a talking noise. They just thought they were going crazy. One night her mom woke up and she went to the bathroom, the bathroom lights started to flicker, then the door was being slammed open and closed, opened and closed. Then the room was pitch black. Her mom turned around and there standing right there was DARWIN! The mom ran to turn on the light but before she did Darwin said,” if you ever want to see me then you will keep the lights out”. But the mom didn’t; she was so scared she turned on the lights. But when the mom went back to sleep she heard a noise and a scratching noise, so she got up to check on it. As she tilted her head up,she saw glowing eyes carving something in the floor. The mom went closer to it and the glowing eyes suddenly turned into Darwin. Darwin said,” you disobeyed me.” Then the mom turned on the light then she saw Darwin carved something in the floor it said, Darwin was here. The mom was so  freaked out so she woke up her husband, she told him everything, but he didn’t believe her. The next morning the mom and dad left the house they just packed their stuff and left. Just like that.

Forward many years later, on October the 19th, a group of boys was playing basketball outside next to Darwin’s family’s home. One of the boys named Jake dared Matthew to go into the “haunted  house.”  Mathew said,”what’s the haunted house?” Jake answered, “once, a little girl name Dawn died in that house; she died on October 19.   Her death was a shock to her family and the friends in the neighborhood.  She would haunt and taunt anyone who lived in the house.  The scariest part is that she could only be seen or heard when the lights were out.” “That’s so not true.” said Matthew.  “Then go in.” challenged Jake.  Since Matthew didn’t want to be teased and called “chicken”, Matthew took a deep breath, crossed himself and he went into the house. The house was dark and Matthew tried to convince  himself that he was not scared.  At first the house seemed pretty normal.  The more Matthew toured the house, the more he realized that things weren’t as normal as it seemed.  He could feel that something was just not right.  His heart began to race.  His palms were sweaty.  He carefully crept through the house when suddenly he heard crying. Matthew went towards the noise then he tripped on something, he bent down to see what is was. Then he saw carving on the floor it said Darwin was here. He was so confused he thought the girl’s name was dawn. Anyway he  went towards the noise them he saw this girl in a long white cape he said are you ok? Then the girl turned around her eyes her glowing red then she screamed, LIGHTS OUT!! Then she picked mathew up and threw him out of the room. That hurt him then he looked up and Darwin started to come closer and closer to matthew.  Matthew stood up and started to run he ran out of the house and since it was day and day had light they suddenly didn’t see darwin anymore. He told his friends and his friends just started to laugh. But matthew still can’t believe what he saw. In 2016 there was in earthquake and half of the house was destroyed, so there was no reason to have it there so construction people tore down the house. After that darwin moved into a new house and the new house had people living in it, and one night she screamed, LIGHTS OUT!


Lower School Winner: Sophia M. 




Upper School Winner: Carolyn T. 

What a Narrator Does in Her Free Time

Hello! My name is Penny. Now you’re probably wondering, hey, why aren’t her words in quotation marks. Am I right? Did I just read your mind? Yes? No? Not really? Anyways the reason why my words are not in quotation marks is because I’m not technically talking. Confused? Don’t worry, I’ll explain, okay so my name is not really Penny, I just chose that name for myself because I didn’t have any parents to give me a name. I’m sorry, did i just make you even more confused? Probably. Okay so I’m just gonna cut to the chase because I could be here all day explaining my life but I only have three pages to write a magnificent story. So basically, I’m a narrator. Technically the proper name for a narrator is, a person with no sense of humor or any other emotion that usually introduces nouns, or says said____. But I guess that name was too long so somebody shortened it to “narrator”. Anyways you’re probably thinking, okay okay! I don’t really care! And as much as that deeply hurts me, it’s probably true. So here’s the story. . . . . . . . . . I’m sorry, today I was looking for a spooky story to narrate but it seems that nothing spooky is happening. Here, let me try again. . . . Sorry, no scary stories… Well, um… Er… I don’t want to have wasted your time so… I’ve got it! I’ll make up a story for you! Yeah! That’s what I’ll do. Okay… It was a bright sunny day… Wait a minute, that’s not how spooky stories start, here let me try again. It was a dark dark night. (Perfect.) And a group of girl scouts were going camping in the woods. All of a sudden they heard noise. It was someone screaming! The girls ran over to where the sound was coming and saw a female lady in a red dress, with a diamond necklace hanging around her neck, and only one red, high heel (probably super expensive) shoe. She was standing face to face with a brown bear! She had a look of anger and fear spread on her face like jam on toast. (See what I just did there, that’s called a simile. I think, or maybe it’s a metaphor. Anyways…) When the girls ran up to the lady the leader Sally asked, “What’s wrong?” Which was not a very smart question considering that she was standing in front of a bear. But her reply surprised the girl scouts. She wailed, “That bears just ate my poor Madeline!” The girls gasped. “Is that your daughter’s name?” Asked a curly red haired girl. “Of course not!” The lady who’s name was Genevieve replied, “That’s my shoes’ name!” “Hold on a sec,” said Sally, “Your shoe? ”Yes!” Genevieve wailed “I was on a picnic with my fiance and he was in the middle of measuring how big his biceps were, when all of a sudden a bear came up to us! My fiance, Johnny, ran off to get help while I held the bear off. After all, I was in the navy. Anyways, I had laid a couple punches when I kicked him in the nose and he grabbed my ankle, took my Madeline off, and stuffed her in his mouth!” “So you’re not hurt?” one girl asked. “No,” Genevieve answered, “I’m perfectly fine. I just want my poor, sweet, Madeline back.” “I’ve got this,” said a dark haired girl named Charlie as she pushed past the other girl scouts and Genevieve. She went up to the bear and with a stern voice she said, “Sit.” The bear magically sat. “Now drop it,” Charlie said. The bear whined. “Drop it,” she said again. The bear reluctantly spit up the half chewed shoe. “Good boy!” Charlie said as she gave the bear a congratulate pet. Then she casually picked up the shoe, walked over to Genevieve, handed her the shoe, and said “Here.” Genevieve grabbed the shoe from Charlie’s hand and kissed it all over before putting it back on her foot. Not at all caring that it was covered in bear bites and drenched in slobber.“ ThankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouTHANKYOU!!!” Genevieve cried as she hugged the girls. “How can I ever repay you? I know!” She slowly took of her diamond necklace and handed it to Sally. They all stared at it stunned. “Thank you!” they said. “Oh of course, it’s the least I can do considering you guys saved Madeline!” After that, Johnny came with the police even though they were too late. The bear walked back into the forest and the girls and Genevieve and Johnny went their own ways. The next day the girls turned in the necklace for money and they bought themselves a cabin in the woods that was right next to the bear’s cave, and they had tea with him every week. The End! Spooky right! I’m sure I had you jumping out of you seat. Or couch. Or bed. Or whatever you’re sitting on. Unless you’re not sitting… Anyways I have to go because my friend Sue is calling me. And yes there are other narrators. Bye!

The End!. . . Or is it only the beginning?