Doctors Without Borders

By: Lulu C.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Doctors Without Borders (Médecins sans frontières, MSF) is a foundation full of selfless individuals who come together and set aside their differences to help others no matter what. The seventh grade was lucky enough to go to the National mall to visit tents that Doctors Without Borders setup. The seventh grade went through an interactive course about the refugee crisis and what part Doctors Without Borders is playing in this devastating situation. We got walked through people who work for Doctors Without Borders some doctors and some every other job you can imagine. At the beginning, we were each given a card with our new identity as a refuge. I was extremely fortunate that my guide was actually a Middle-Eastern refuge so I had the privilege to get the inside hand on this rough subject. I thought it was extraordinary that someone who grew up in these traumatizing conditions would go back to help others in the same conditions instead of living in the agony of the past for the rest of his life. The seventh grade learned about real life scenarios going on and got to write letters to the amazing people of Doctors Without borders that are currently helping others in different countries across the globe. The seventh grade left inspired and ready to help our communities and beyond with our new-found knowledge and new perspective of the world and the amazing people who run it.

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