Student Council Student Store

By: Maggie G. and Lulu C.

October 13, 2016

The student council school store is open!!!

Every Wednesday morning before school, recess and lunch, Upper School students will be able to come buy supplies for as little as 50¢!😁 (Lower School, keep an ear out! We will soon be selling to you too.)

✐ You can buy this super cool color changing pencil for just 50¢! It features the Holy Trinity logo, and the Holy Trinity name on the pencil.

Also, you have your beautiful yellow eraser SHAPED LIKE A PENCIL!!! Now, this is special because you can sharpen it  with a hand sharpener!

Finally, you have a lovely blue eraser with the Holy Trinity Logo and the name on the top.



Then there is a beautiful blue and white pen. This pen is fun size, which makes writing in cursive a breeze. This also has the Holy Trinity name on it.


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