By: Cami B.

Now available in the student store is Rent – A – Belt. This is a new system in which you can rent a belt (hence the name).

As a Jesuit school, Holy Trinity strongly believes in the equality of all students and all people. For this reason, when you attend Holy Trinity School, you wear a uniform.  Rent – A – Belt is a simple way to ensure that all students are wearing the proper uniform. If you forget to wear a belt one day, you can go to Ms. Farmer’s room to rent one. It only costs 50 cents- just like the concession food! Remember, it’s called Rent – A – Belt, not Keep – A – Belt. All students are expected to return the belt by the end of the day. Also, while renting a belt, take the time to use an important school rule: treat others how you would like to be treated. If you were letting a friend borrow a belt from you, you would expect them to take good care of it. Holy Trinity expects you to do the same. Take good care of your rented belt! We hope that the Rent – A – Belt system is helpful to all students who need it.