Student Spotlight

By: Lili G.

Mackenzie’s act of kindness will forever be remembered in the eyes of a little girl at St. Martin’s School. On September 11, 2016, CYO held the first cross country meet of the season. When the gun fired across the Visitation field, the eight and under girls set off to run their one mile race. When Mackenzie saw a little girl struggling, she immediately rushed to her side, took her hand, and encouraged her to try her best to keep going. Mackenzie didn’t care about where this girl came from, maybe she only saw a little girl that needed some help.

Mackenzie continued to walk with her until they had made it through the finish line. Then, she quickly thanked Mackenzie gave her a hug and left to tell her friends, coaches, and family about what had happened. Later that week, Mr. Hennessy received an email from the principal of the other school, thanking Mackenzie for being so kind and helpful. Holy Trinity Student Council board would like to thank Mackenzie for exemplifying what it truly means to be a person for others.

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