Welcome to The Holy Post

This year in student council, we are going to be taking over the Magis blog and forming it more into an online school newspaper that we hope you will use. It will be called The Holy Post and it includes articles about everything from student council announcements to tips and tricks for studying.

Each week, there will be new articles. For example, this week we will be writing about a new element of student council’s concessions, tips for studying, a spotlight student, and the new school rules. All of the articles are going to be student-written and will be reader-friendly for everyone who is interested. We hope that this blog will make you feel closer to the school, your classmates and God.

I think having The Holy Post will really help everyone gain a greater understanding of school happenings in relation to our Jesuit roots at Holy Trinity.

From your Student Council President,

Carolina Permuy


School Rules for 2016-2017

By: Regan M.

Every school year, two delegates from each class come to the Rules Convention. Together, representatives from the entire school decide upon new school rules. The school-wide rules this year are: Try your best and let God do the rest; Treat others the way you want to be treated; and care for the world around us.

Trying your best is one of the many things you can do to help you succeed.  It is a great motto to live your everyday life by. Letting God doing the rest is important too. You can do this in many different ways. First, try your best and do not mind anyone else; focus on yourself. Also, be faithful in God and in yourself.  

Treat others the way you to be treated. Everyone should be kind to each other because we all want to be treated with kindness. Sometimes people forget that everyone has feelings. If you ever forget this rule and make a mistake, just remember to apologize. Having empathy is an important element to this school rule.

Care for the world around us. Caring for the world can help a lot people. Firstly, pollution is a big problem in the world right now. Everyone has to do their part on helping the amazing Earth. This means do not litter. Littering can be dangerous to the other animals around us. Also, this rule is meant to make us think twice before throwing away an old worksheet, instead of recycling it. Not only do we need to care for the larger world around us, but it’s important to think about our smaller world that we live in day-to-day, like our homes and classroom.

The school wide rules help us live our everyday lives with purpose. At the very least, we should think twice and make more of an effort on these three particular topics. Every living thing is important in our world, and the school rules are there to remind us try our best to treat everyone and everything in our world with love and respect.  


Titan Tips

By: Ali G.

  1. On an extra sheet of paper, in a notepad, or on a dry-erase board, plan out a homework schedule for yourself before you start your homework each day or even at the beginning of the week.  Organize this schedule depending on things like what is due soonest and how long each assignment will take.  You can also add after-school activities.  This will help you stay organized while doing your homework and keep you from being stressed.  This is also a great way to make sure that you turn in all of your homework on time.  
  2. Clean out your binder at the end of each month or quarter.  Get rid of all those tests and old homework assignments that are stacked up in your folders.  Also, get rid of pens, pencils, erasers and other things in your pencil case that you don’t or can’t use.  This will help you not to lose anything and keep your pencil case a reasonable size.
  3. Figure out who has all the same classes as you.  You might have already thought this one through but if you are having a off-day and spaced on a couple things you might want to know who can refresh your memory.  Also, you and this friend can work together to remember what homework you have.  Just as long as you don’t rely on this person for everything, then I’m sure that they will be happy to help you.  

Student Spotlight

By: Lili G.

Mackenzie’s act of kindness will forever be remembered in the eyes of a little girl at St. Martin’s School. On September 11, 2016, CYO held the first cross country meet of the season. When the gun fired across the Visitation field, the eight and under girls set off to run their one mile race. When Mackenzie saw a little girl struggling, she immediately rushed to her side, took her hand, and encouraged her to try her best to keep going. Mackenzie didn’t care about where this girl came from, maybe she only saw a little girl that needed some help.

Mackenzie continued to walk with her until they had made it through the finish line. Then, she quickly thanked Mackenzie gave her a hug and left to tell her friends, coaches, and family about what had happened. Later that week, Mr. Hennessy received an email from the principal of the other school, thanking Mackenzie for being so kind and helpful. Holy Trinity Student Council board would like to thank Mackenzie for exemplifying what it truly means to be a person for others.